Our experience with video and audio also applies to the internet. You receive services tailored to your needs.
Web site designs that are dynamic and interactive.
Special pricing when packaged with other Innovisions video or audio services.
Internet marketing services are also available, including site registration and advertising.
High quality development platforms, including Macintosh computers and the Adobe suite of software: GoLive for site design, and Illustrator, Photoshop and LiveMotion for graphics and animation. Our full-featured digital editing software for video and audio is also used.

We help you achieve your internet related goals by carefully listening to your needs and applying the right technologies.

Innovisions provides an efficient web presence at a minimal cost. You get exactly what you need without paying for additional throughput, memory or services. All of our hosting programs include the following features. Additional features are also available.
Domain Name Registration
Unlimited Email Mailboxes
CGI Capable
Perl / PHP Capable
E-commerce Capable
Multi-Homed and Redundant High Speed T1's
Streaming Audio and Video Support
99.9% Up-Time Guarantee
Daily System Backups
UPS protection
24 hour - 7 day-a-week emergency support

These services can be provide separately or packaged with other web services or with other video or audio production services.

917 Oregon Street, Oshkosh, WI 52002
Phone: (920) 236-9080
Email: mengel@innovidserv.com

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